Health & Safety

At CEM Scotland Ltd (CEM) we continually review, and where necessary, improve our health and safety program, targeting specifically those activities that carry the greatest risk to our employees and the public. CEM are consistently establishing key performance indicators andbenchmarks for safe working procedures for our employees and all the operations carried out on our own site and customers sites. 


CEM operates policies and procedures to ensure that our employees, at all levels within the business, are supported and that all of our employee relationships are conducted in accordance with current employment practices and regulations. 

CEM is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to developing and investing in our employees. Good employment conditions and practices help us to attract and retain the highest quality people allowing CEM to create a working environment that encourages initiative, commitment, quality and customer service.


CEM is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business operations and services, by continually evaluating and implementing new technology to improve our energy consumption and reduce emissions.

CEM is committed to:

  • Reducing the waste within our services and increasing our use of recycled products and services.
  • Work with our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the products and services they supply to CEM.