C.E.M Contract Hire lets you focus your time, energy and capital on your core business, while we provide the resources to help reduce your transportation costs and improve your customer service with improved on-time delivery. C.E.M Contract Hire is the ultimate network of fleet services that can be customized specifically to the way your business works. It’s geared to help you lower you're operating costs and exposure to risks, as well as increase your uptime.

Contract Hire

Our cost-effective, full-service lease program, this isn’t your one-size-fits-all solution it’s a highly advanced approach designed with our customers’ best interests in mind. C.E.M Contract Hire can help you reduce your operating costs and increase your financial flexibility. That gives you more money to put into your business – whenever and however you want to use it. Of course, low-cost financing, off-balance sheet considerations and the industry’s leading maintenance program are just the beginning with a C.E.M Contract Hire. We invest all of our resources into all of yours, resulting in benefits that are tangible and immediate. And our comprehensive program of value-added precision services defines fleet management at its very best. 

Lease or Ownership

Purchasing fleet vehicles ties up your company’s cash in depreciating assets. There’s an alternative way to go. Whether you choose C.E.M Contract Hire, or a C.E.M leasing frees up working capital, while providing you with predictable transportation expenses and a possible favourable tax impact. Leasing with C.E.M helps you're bottom line in a number of ways.